All businesses revolve around the customer (internal and external); as such, the success of any business is defined by the customer. The only thing that keeps businesses relevant and competitive these day is how they look after their customers. Do that well and they will be here for good.

How do you look after your customers?

To help you do just that, The Curious People embraces an iterative approach in every aspect of our consultancy services that encourages customer-centric innovations. This empowers you to:

Be Genuinely Curious about People - Identify and seize opportunities in the external environment by being genuinely curious about all users.

Develop Ideas out of Curiosity – Ideate ‘divergently’ by employing methods such as visual triggering and experiential associations; then crystalize those ideas ‘convergently’ into concepts.

Be Curious for it to work - Constantly perfecting your concepts by co-creating with your users, seeking their feedback in order to achieve quick-wins.

The Curious People helps you understand and master what you need to do to gain valuable insights that can develop your own ideas that will give birth to truly sustainable customer-centric innovations. We achieve that with a synergistic approach in research, combining traditional ‘quantitative’ methods with the exploratory ‘qualitative’ methods of Design Thinking in each client’s innovation journey.

Innovation is one of the most powerful ways to drive business growth in today’s volatile economy. This makes it critical to find new ways to innovate. But what really is innovation, where does it start, and how do you innovate?

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"Service excellence WOWs!
It is to be passionately curious about the customer and genuinely curious about ourselves.'
~Alfred Tan.

This takes an aptitude of real empathy to create user-centric innovations for sustainable growth.

"The power to enrich our lives lies in our curiosity. A curious thinker will find lots of interesting things to do."
~Ken Kwan.

This perfectly encapsulates Ken’s unique ability to synergize his sharp analytical mind and creative spirit in order to create user-centric innovations for sustainable growth.