For the third year running, Singapore held on to its ranking as the world's second-most competitive economy; however, we actually did worse in the one area that has always been our Achilles heel - innovation and sophistication, said Barclays economist Joey Chew in the Straits Times 5 September 2013. 

Moving forward, Singapore’s solution to remain competitive and sustainable in a complex and volatile world economy is to instill innovation in its workforce. Effective innovation is to create and deliver real value to meet the unmet needs of customers. This will steer Singapore towards growth and prosperity.

We call this Design Thinking for Business - creating effective innovations with the user in mind.

Design Thinking for Business workshops show you how to understand your stakeholders deeply, ideate wild ideas and solutions rationally, test these ideas and solutions early, and iterate for improvement continuously. The end result is effective breakthrough user-centric solutions for business growth.

Through our programmes, The Curious People aims to create a deep and meaningful impact on the business community.
Customised Workshops
Customised workshops are a fantastic way to experience a complete Design Thinking framework. Participants will learn how the methodology can be applied to their organisation. Workshops typically last from two to three consecutive days.
Strategic Corporate Programmes
Strategically tailored programmes allow organisations to instill the Design Thinking framework into their everyday business activities by setting up special Innovation Taskforce applying the methodoogy on existing wicked problems. Such programmes typically take place one day fortnightly over an eight-week period.
Design Thinking Consultancy Projects
After attending workshops and programmes; organisations often uncover many new development opportunities; however, lack internal resources or capabilities to implement them. Through a collaborative process of research, design, and evaluation, our team of consultants can advance a client’s idea from concept through testing and finally execution.

Workshops & Programmes